Annoying 'hint'

I recently bought an Ultra 16 gb with SecureAccess encryption software. I have in my vault an encrypted folder. When I go into that folder and want to browse thru and open each file (check images) I get a popup that says “Your file will be opened as read-only…”.

I have to click on ‘OK’ to remove this pop-up. I would like to be able to disable this automatic pop-up since it almost doubles the time and effort of going through a series of files.  Online support says it is not possible. I would like to suggest that it be made possible. I, as a programmer, know that it should be relatively simple to implement.

Is the popup a Win 7 UAC popup?

No Ed, The popup apprears to be a SD one. The window is blue with the ‘vault’ icon followed by the word ‘HINT’ in the top left corner. There is another symbol: lower-case ‘i’ within a blue circle on the window also. The popup window is rather large. My computer is running Vista Home Premium 64 bit.



in Windows Start Menu \ Run and type in:


In Group Policy window <select Administrative Templates \ System in the tree view:

You will see an item in the right side pane called “Turn off Autoplay”

Double click the item, and set the radio button to Enabled, and change the “Turn off Autoplay on” to All Drives.

Now you should be safe from the autoplay monster.


I tried to run ‘gpedit.msc’ from my search box and it was not recognized. I went to Control Panel, programs and found Autoplay.

I tried disabling automatically using autoplay to no avail. On the Autoplay page there was no way to configure for specific drives etc.

But -  The annoying popup certainly looks like a SD window in its coloring, fonts and with the symbols within it. I wonder if an earlier version of SecureAccess software didn’t have this ‘feature’. I uploaded the latest version the other day.

BTW, I mentioned that I am a programmer, but on old-timey character-based systems (using COBOL etc.) and know nothing more than the average user about Windows stuff.



COBOL was good but BAL was better.  :stuck_out_tongue:

Well Ed, I was just mentioning COBOL as an example of a ‘character-based’ language. I actually programmed in a version of enhanced BASIC. All those low-level languages were about the same. Based on your user name I hope you can answer a couple of questions:

1 - Is it possible to reset your password on a vault and/or have multiple vaults on a drive?

2 - Is it possible that an earlieer version of the SecureAccess software might not have the ‘annoying hint’ and can I reload to an earlier version?

3 - Do you know how I can directly contact the development people to ask them to either remove the ‘annoying hint’ or only show it once per session or make it selectable (an email address would be fine)?

My only recourse seems to be to leave feedback on Amazon (where I bought my 2 drives) warning people about the slowdown in browsing through files caused by the ‘hint’.



  1. I don’t know.  I’ve never used the app/utility.

2, I don’t know.

  1. No.

However, I may get more involved with this in the near future.  My U3 sticks don’t work in my new 64 bit Windows 7 netbook so I need to find other security options.  I have found that Win 7 64 bit has a lot of pop up hints and warnings that can be annoying and can be controlled by changing Windows UAC settings.

Thanks Ed. Does anyone know the answers to any of those questions?