Annoying audiobook features that hopefully can be addressed in a furture firmware update

I’ve accepted that the Sport cannot use Audible’s Enhanced format (time lag and end drop-off). Using format 4 is fine from the audio quality standpoint, but this creates another annoying issue due to multipe parts for the audiobook. The Audible convention for labelling the indvidual files is the book’s full title, followed by if applicable, Unabridged in parantheses, then if applicable a series lable (Book X, Y, etc.), finally ending with the specific Part, X, Y, Z, etc, for a multiple part audiobook.

The problem is that the allocated length for the audiobook title in the Sport causes the cut-off of the only uniquely identifying informatin for each part. As a result, each section must be viewed for its length to actually know which part it is. Any way to address this?

One additional issue is the automatic or continuous playing of multiple entries in the audiobook directory. If the parts are out of order or interspersed with other audiobooks sections, a seemingly random file is selected. Or if one book concludes the next in line will simply begin. While this works fine for music, for audiobooks a bit more selectivity would be desirable. Moving from part to part within a single audiobook is fine (and wouldn’t be a problem if the full title were listed as the sorting would get the order right). But a new audiobook should not automatically begin. Other mp3 players, typically revert to the beginning of the first part. 

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I agree with this sandisk please fix this issue with the audiobooks