anime. anyone?

what are the anime (japanese cartoons) you watch?


really? its not obvious:smileyvery-happy::slight_smile:

Anything Tenchi Muyo! related; it’s what I was hoping to put on a micro SD card to watch on my e260R, but its music only… hoping for a firmware update that allows access to videos from the card though.

Just finished watching Death Note… Still watching Naruto Shippuuden and Bleach

Hey MJ, you can be like me, put your music on the card, and the vids on the player :smiley:

Problem is, I can only put one Tenchi Muyo! series on my e260R. I only have 1.7 GB left and I’ve tried everything to see if there is more, but that’s all I’ve got.

That, and the audio lags if it’s a full episode. If its broken up into parts, the audio lag is still there, but not as severe as if it were a full episode.

is deathnote good? im still downloading it. i dont want to watch it until i finished dl em

Full Metal Alchemist, Naruto Shippuden, Record of Lodoss War.

Go for Bleach! :D  

It’s been forever since I’ve watched any - it makes me sad ;_;

The series I have been able to watch (and like):

Sailor Moon (yes, I admit it - I was a moonie back in the day, dammit!)
Witch Hunter Robin
Cowboy Bebop
Wolf’s Rain
Neon Genisis Evangeline
Tenchi (any of them)

You’d think being a part of a rather huge Anime community I’d have a longer list :stuck_out_tongue:

Lucky Star.

I can’t wait for the sub for #18.

i’ve recently downloaded all of the released episodes of ‘Devil May Cry’. Bad thing is…
i’ve downloaded the french sub… T_T

I liked anime back in the day I just don’t get a chance to watch it anymore…but here’s a little list of what I used to watch and keep up with…

Dragonball Z
Dragonball GT
Inital D
Cowboy Bebop
Lupin the 3rd
Ghost in the Shell
Vampire Hunter D
The Professional
Aeon Fleux <==yes folks it was an anime
Blue Gender
Gundam Wing.

I recently downloaded Veoh TV from; pretty much internet television. Anyways, I was browsing through the channels and came upon DVD Dojo… a podcast channel for Anime Network. I’m not too much into anime other than a rekindling of a fondness for the Tenchi Muyo! series and some intrigue for Inuyasha, but just letting some others know about this.

Also, does anyone have Anime Network???

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school Rumble for the Win

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school Rumble for the Win

A 2 year old thread?

Personally, I can’t see your relevance nor the purpose in digging this up!

Please splain.

hmmm… the name of the thread starter sounds familiar…

Uh… I found this thread in the first page… so … yea… XD