Android smartphones memory cards

I am using lenovo S930 smartphone with 32 GB slot.

  1. I want to buy a high-speed 32gb memory card.
  2. If I buy a 32 GB will my phone gets slow.
  3. If not please suggest me the best memory card which is compatible for my Mobile.


to your questions

-Then you can buy a micro sd Extreme or extreme plus card with 32gb

-no the phone will not get slower with the card since it will just expand the storage memory, of course the internal emmc memory of the phone will always be faster than the external storage

-extreme or extreme plus card

What is the difference between extreme and extreme plus memory cards which is best in terms of speed.


in that case the faster card is the exterme plus at the moment

I did not find extrem plus in your where to buy option, but I found extrem in where to buy option(flipkart) I have ordered it yesterday. after I receive the product I would like to register in your website and please tell me where and how to register.


here you can create an account and register your product

Where i can download a  free version of mobile recorder on Android? 

You can buy any memory card from Sandisk. Every card would suit it the best.

No, your Smartphone would not go slow if you insert a memory card.

Take the Sandisk 32 GB USB 3.1 card for yourself.