Android App Install Fails - Invalid Package

I’m tryin to install the Android app and it’s failing on both of my devices.  Both devices are running Android 4.3 - one is a Nexus 7 and the other is an HTC One (Developer edition).

When I install the app from the Play store, it downloads but the installation fails with a message ‘Invalid package’.  If I then try to install it again, it fails with the following error:

 “SanDisk Wireless Media Drive” could not be downloaded due to an error (497)

The behavior is the same on both devices.  

One note, I can install the SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive app with no problems, it’s just the Wireless Media Drive app that will not install.


I can’t speak to Android 4.3…but I’ve had no issues with installs on  2.3.6, 4.04, and 4.1.2.   Hope it is straightened out soon for you.:wink:

From everything I can find on the error it seems to be connectivity related. How are you trying to download the app? Cell network or wifi? If you are using the cell network try connecting to wifi and see if the issue still occurs. Also you can try connecting to the PC and going to the Google play store at the following link to download the app