Analytics Opt-In Screen Is Frozen iExpand Drive App

I have used this ixpand drive device and app for several months with no problem. Today, I plugged it in to my iPhone 11Max pro, and after the Allow window, I got a screen about Analytics Opt-In. There is a red button at the bottom that prompts “Agree To Share”. The button does not work. Tapping anywhere on the screen does not work. Physically disconnecting and reconnecting the drive does not work. Swiping the app closed and reopening it does not work. Rebooting the phone does not work. I cannot get past the Analytics Opt-In screen to use the app. Suggestions, please? Thanks!

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I have exactly the same problem.

It just starting working again. Clear the app and reload it, and it should be fine.

I have plugged the drive into my iphone6; get the "Analyptics opt-in " screen which is frozen and DOES NOT EVEN include the “Agree to share” button and no possibility of accepting anything?

Same problem here. Here was my fix:

  1. When you plug in the drive to your iPhone, the iExpand app auto-launches.
  2. Clear the frozen iExpand app from your screen, as some have mentioned above
  3. Keeping the drive still plugged in, launch the iExpand app yourself from your iPhone.

This should solve the frozen Analytic Opt-In screen, and allow you to continue.

Thanks for the fix I thought my flash was toast. BAD bug I hope they fix, not everyone is going to know to google for this workaround :frowning:

can’t clear the frozen app from the screen once it auto launches. Now the ixpand drive is useless. Thanks.