An unpleasant experience with the RMA support process


I have 3 SanDisk cards. I’ve been using the first two for several years. Very satisfied.


I had a randomly data loss issue with my new SanDisk Ultra Class10 SDXC 64GB card. Lately, I also found the random write protection and mount failing problem.


  • I contacted the SanDisk support. It’s a quick and well managed process integrated with phone and email. I get the RMA number successfully.
  • I went onboard to the RMA drop center in Shanghai. A support person helped me on the issue. She helped me reformatted my card and tested with a card reader several times without problem.
  • When I mentioned that I am using a MacBook Pro, a support guy (employee # 100513) comes across and mentioned that “None of the Mac machines support SDXC!” When I say actually my MacBook Pro can open and read it but just have random issues, the guy talked to me in a very loud voice that it’s a compatibility issue and the compatibility issues are not covered. There are many other customers around and I feel that I am stupid to not know that’s compatibility issue earlier.
  • I came back with a reformatted disk.


  • The support person should have solid domain knowledge
  • The support person should try their best to give solid and concrete solution in every round of the communication
    • To do a simply format isn’t that type of solid solution. Given my time spent on the commute, it’s really painful to go to the RMA center twice or more times when the support only go one simple step each time. I am not sure what’s the process behind that, in any way it needs a change or to setup some process to KPI check points to see how many back and forth it takes before the case is closed. If you do a study, that’ll have an impact to the overall customer satisfaction.
  • The support person should set the customer expectation when their solution probably won’t work
    • I didn’t receive any of these. Actually I can still repro the write protection issue when I come back. I also reproduced a new issue that it randomly mount failed. These are very annoying. It appears every 20, 30 times. I shot an video of the repro process. It’s 106MB. I can upload it if someone give me a FTP link. I don’t encounter these issues with my two old SanDisk cards.
    • Though I didn’t repro the data loss till now, it’s highly suspect that it’s still there. That happened twice in the last two weeks. And Yes, I lost one of my important videos because of this.
  • The support person should have customer’s satisfaction in mind and think in the customer’s shoes
    • I clearly feel that the support person want to push me back with some of the reasons and actions. They are just too eager to narrow my issue down to the compatibility issue which is probably one of the major reasons to close a RMA case in my opinion. There is a computer in front of every of them. They are not even trying to check it to see if Mac supports SDXC. Is the customer satisfaction rate a key KPI in their performance goal? Is there a way to collect the customer satisfaction on each round of the RMA support? Does SanDisk track the “Very Dissatisfied Rate” as a separate KPI so that no important bad issues can be hiding there?

I am VERY DISSATISFIED with the RMA process, the support management, the support person and the SDXC product. I hope somebody will look into this and treat it properly.

Dear Jsun2000

We are very sorry to hear about your exprience and apologize for the same. We are investigating the information you provided.

In the meantime, we will also attempt to contact you via phone/email (Shanghai Time) to remedy the situation immediately.

Thank you!

SanDisk Support

Thanks for the quick respond. I also received a very professional phone call from Jay Tao this morning. I will try the exchanged card out and report errors if it still exists. Thank you.

And so, Customer Service DOES exist . . . . :slight_smile: