an expansion card issue....

Hello everyone-

     Here’s a situation that I’m experiencing with my 8GB Fuze: When I plug it into my USB port, my computer recognizes the Fuze, but not the card. I’m sure that I’ve formatted the card the same way I did when I got an expansion card for my old Express (which still runs great).

     Since I haven’t had a chance recently to check out the threads here, I’m hoping that there is a possible solution or workaround…


You could try a different USB port and/or check it out in Device Manager. If there’s a little yellow triangle with an exclamation mark ( ! ), you’ve got a problem. Un-install it, re-boot your computer, then plug in your Fuze again. See if that brings the card slot back to life. :smiley:

When you open Explore, is there a plus sign next to the Fuze icon?  If so click on that to show both.  Also maybe take out and reinsert your card or even take out and replug in your usb port.  I’ve had to do both sometimes, not enought that it’s a problem, just once or twice.  And I think it’s my usb connection for that reason, because I bought an extention with 4 plugs. 

There may be issues if a USB cable is too long(ie using USB extension cords, etc.)  if there isn’t a powered hub in the chain. You can search the net to find the maximum USB cable length that should be used. Keep in mind this is the total length, including the cable within the pc case, so using the rear USB ports is preferable to using front ones(much less internal wire within the pc case).