American in China selling 'low-quality' SD/Micro Cards

Hi all,

As I am a big fan of Sandisk, I thought this would be a good place to start this post.

I am an American living in China and selling ‘low-quality’ SD/Micro SD cards directly and on eBay right now.

I have moved here and started a business.

I am being honest with my ads and customers.

This is not my long term business plan but I need to generate cash and pay my Florida mortgage & USA/China bills.

I am selling these cards all over the world and because I am here, I am able to find the higher quality of these ‘low-quality’ cards.

It is much more profitable selling these cards than original ‘branded’ cards.  That’s is why I have moved to this range.

I am testing myself.

I also process a lot of returns/failures/re-ships.

There are a lot of of people around the world who want these because of the price-point.

I thought this might be an interesting topic.



I doubt you’ll find many fans here. There is (in my opinion anyway) no such thing as “higher-quality” low-quality memory cards. Either they are branded with warranty support or they are junk. You seem to be selling junk.

And even discussing your business plan (if you can call it that) as a competitor on SanDisk’s forum is not only tacky, unscrupulous & un-businesslike but probably in violation of the Forum Rules & Guidelines or the Terms Of Service (#5 in particular).

At least you stopped sort of providing a link to your ‘business’ which would certainly be spamming and a bannable offense but frankly I think you’re on very thin ice as it is.