Amen! It is working!!! Here is what I did.

After spending hours yesterday dealing with the freezing, then not reading songs etc. I woke up this morning and decided to reformat it again. Now it works fine.

I’m working on a MAC. Yesterday I first had to do the trick of pressing the middle button with switch on hold just to get it to read it. Then I reformatted it using disk utility. Then I reformatted it using itself. At this point it was reading the drive but when I would disconnect it, it would freeze. Turning it off then on would unfreeze it but never allow it to recognize that music was put on it. So today I just reformatted it again, and it all worked fine. I added some songs. But, this time when I unplugged it from the computer, it didn’t freeze. Instead it said something like refreshing. And, it is working. Thank God because I’m I can’t spend any more time on this.


If you upgrade to the newest firmware 1.01.18, you don’t have to do the trick to make it into MSC mode.  With the newest firmware, you have the option under settings to choose  your desired mode: MTP or MSC.