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Is there any way to get Amazon Unboxed downloads to work on the Fuze, or am I out of luck?  (The Amazon support page says they’re tested on the View but not on the Fuze.)

As of right now, Amazon Unboxed contents do not work on the Fuze.

So, what format are these files in then?

Goooooooooooogle action… ah!  This is a video DRM system like Netflix currently offers- akin to the streaming video feature (which is cool if you have children)…they get the goofball animation DVDs sometimes, while Daddy can still watch The Guns of Navarone or It Came From Outer Space in the other room, while they scream and spill popcorn in the other room.

See, I have a system.  Transferring a video file to a portable device is a different situation, especially in this format.  Capturing video from your own DVDs is problematic enough…but I’d bet that the powers that be (read: Hollywood) will be throwing the monkey wrench into attempts at transferring those files.

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What gets me is Amazon says you can transfer them to the View, which I originally had—but I had so many problems with it I ended up exchanging it for a Fuze.  Oh, well.

The View has potential, but can’t touch the Fuze in terms of portability and sound quality.  When I first saw the View, it was just a wee bit too…now what’s that word?  BIG!  Not huge, but I prefer the pocket-friendly size of the e200.

Then SanDisk threw a wrench in the works with the release of the new Fuze.  Very nice indeed.

I have a feeling that the Amazon issue will be resolved soon…it’ll be interesting to see how the format / service fares.

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Different hardware different abilities.

@psywiped wrote:
Different hardware different abilities.

You dug up and dusted off a year-old thread just for that ‘pearl of wisdom’?