Amazon Unbox?

I just got a Sansa Fuze 4GB…Love it better then all my friends ipods! I was wondering why the fuze doesn’t work with Amazon Unbox but the View does? Is there any hopes for a firmware upgrade to work with Amazon Unbox? (since I own lots of movies from them) If not? Can I change my Fuze for a View? :slight_smile:

Well, the files you have purchased from Amazon will work on Fuze for the most part, use SMC to put vids on it and that should work for you, with the multitudes of music formats and vid fomats, its impossible to be certain but the Fuze is a very handy device in that respect.  

  Is it possible that Amazon support can come in a firmware update? Sure its possible and if Sansa already has its support on the Views, its maybe even likely they will put it on Fuzes.

Can you trade a Fuze for a View?  What do you mean?

No they do not work on the SMC because of Digital Rights. You have to use Amazon Unbox to transfer files and the Fuze is not listed as a player that you can use only the View is listed as a player to download to.