Am I the only one with this much luck?

I don’t know about anyone else but when it comes to charging my fuze is AMAZING. That is probably the only thing I never have a problem with. It takes 1 hour And 15 minutes to fully charge And it serves me for the whole day when not on hold if it was to be on hold I would predict that it would last for at least a day And a half. And I use it almost all day.

Anyone else able to relate?

My current Fuze seemingly dies too quickly, and it’s not too old.  My other two, yes.  I never timed the charging, but the battery lasted a very long time.  I would listen to it often, but not nearly all day, so I would get about a week, at minimum.

I should try and see if it would last me for a week on a single charge. But I take it that would require me to listen for only 4 hours per day.

I charge it for an hour and it lasts a long time. But, if I forget to turn it off or something, it loses very quickly. When I first got it, I never charged it so it was always low. But I have gotten into the habit of charging it.

So who uses the hold feature? To me it’s a pain because my on/off switch is rubbed all the way down and it’s hard to slde up.