Am I the only one here who doesn't like Ipod?

I mean, come on! The ipod is like a trap. Apple brainwashes all of their customers to think that Ipod is the only good MP3 player. There’s tons of other ones. Even if you don’t like Sansa’s very much, there’s Creative Zen, Samsung, Sony, and many others. Ipods are too much. I don’t ever see my self getting an ipod unless I see one for a dollar. Is there anyone here who agrees with me? I mean, when you get an Ipod, you pay for the name. Ipod Nano has poor features too. It doesn’t even have an FM tuner! Are you kidding me? You can get one at the dollar store! I guess apples so cheap, they don’t want to spend the few more dollars to put an FM tuner on it. Rip off!

P.S. I don’t hate Ipods. They’re just overpriced and Apple brain washes their customers into thinking the Ipod is the only option.

Brain washing? I don’t think they are trying to brain wash us, and iPods aren’t bad at all.

You are right, Aaron11.  I think the iPods are overpriced and under featured players.  I like having a FM radio and able to play WMAs.

You are not alone.  Good marketing is the only reason why Apple is at the top.  I prefer the features and options that my sansa offers. 

I hate iTunes and the fact that you can’t just drag and drop stuff into it. I’m a loyal Sandisk fan :slight_smile:

I never tried to use itunes.

I’ve never had one and I don’t like them.  They’re way overpriced.

I have a Sansa E250 and an iPod 5.5g Video.  I like both of them.

Two different units for two different uses and capabilities.

The E250 is excellent for Music and Podcasts and very tiny videos. And the radio. It goes with me every where. It’s full.

Now my iPod has all three Lord of the Rings movies and three special features, all three LotR soundtracks, all three LotR audio books, and a book of LotR’s chapters.

Plus Razor and Ark of the Truth and the Battlestar Galatica Miniseries.

About 20 other audio books.

About 25 gigs worth.

But I would not buy any other one of iPod’s current products except for the one I have.

you get three things when you get an iPod:

  1. The Name

  2. A good market for accesories

  3. The simplicicity of iTunes

  4. is manly marketing, i don’t care about that

  5. is nice, that just follows the the market, if sansa had the popularity of ipod it would have the accesories market as well

  6. is nice, but it’s not for me. maybe my mom though (i’m only 14 so if she got an ipod itunes would be on this computer)

overall, i like .wma support, when i got my sansa all i had was win98 so i knew itunes was out, and i love radio, plus my card slot and replaceable battery give you a way to extend its life, espescially when rockbox is on v2s

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I actually have a lot of respect for Apple, and a lot of admiration for their design.  I wouldn’t mind having an iPod, either.  I agree, however, that they’re under-featured and over-priced.  They’re *very nice* MP3 players, don’t get me wrong…  just not nice enough for the money, IMO.

I also hate iTunes with a burning passion, but that’s an entirely separate matter.


Agree. If u buy an ipod, ur just supporting their large hold on the market. by buying any other brand then ipod, ur increasing competition. Companies make their players have more/better features to compeat in the market. Infact, by buying anything acept an ipod, ur acually making ipod better. for instance, the new ipod nano’s are cheaper/have alot more features then their predecessor - its sound quality(however lacking) being the same as the older models is a whole nother issue.

I have nothing against ipods, i just dont like them. I prefer not to buy one.

I don’t get the ipod hype either. You get just as good sound quaility players with more features and better battery time from other companies and for less money. Mostly the design isn’t all that special with ipod either, and you will be putting you player in your pocket so who cares how it looks.

Not that I don’t like the apple design and style. It’s great, but way over hyped!

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There are so many things you can do with a Sansa that an Apple just cannot do.

If you want simplicity, Rhapsody or Napster are great, and offer a large catalog of music that’s one click away.  I can explore countless pieces of different music that I’d never get via iTunes.  If I want a copy to keep, I can purchase the tracks with one simple click.

Video on the e280 and Fuze are a lot of fun, and any funny videos I find via the web zip right over to the Sansa.

If I’m in the middle of a project, I can grab the data cable and capture megabytes of data that’s separated from my music.

Those fleeting solutions that never make it to a logbook are stored by tapping the record button on the '280.

If a wee bit of radio fits my mood, click.

Yes, the Sansa is the device of choice.

Oh, and if I run into any difficulties, I have a group of friends right here.

I don’t need an Ipod.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Well, iPods don’t let you copy/save WMA’s…the Sansa players do.

I suppose the Ipod is a decent product, its probably the “PC” of MP3 players like “PC” is for computers where as Sansa is the “Apple” of MP3 players…  

I just don’t like Ipod’s for the simple reason that everone and their brother makes some sort of accessory for them and yet hardly anyone makes accessories for Sansa’s.  Oh but wait, that’s right, retailers don’t make their money on the Ipod itself, they make their money on the accessories where profit margines are extremely higher.

And I don’t like Itunes… the only reason I had it on my pc was because Pepsi was giving away free songs sometime ago.  Itunes and Ipods are a perfect match for each other. 

Apple did good with the Ipod, I just don’t like them.

I’ve got an “iPood t-shirt” :smileyvery-happy: 

I have no better answer for your question,Aaron,my t-shirt says it all :wink:

you’re not alone Aaron. Actually., i had my ipod before…and i am so meticulous in taking good care of my ipod. But it only lasted for a year because it had a problem with its LCD and the replacement of the LCD costs as much as the new one. I did not changed the LCD because I can still use it but after a month is suddenly stopped playing and never turned On again. yes. it is so expensive but you will not enjoy its features. Unlike sansa, its cheaper and the best features like fm radio, and the recording which you cannot get from apple ipods. and the amount of my new sansa 4gb is same amount with the the lowest type of apple. But see? I got the best mp3 player now. good thing i changed my gadget. :smileyvery-happy:

the iPood build quality is quite good- they are slick little devices.

The idop are also very easy to use.