Am I hurting my fuze?

I have it in msc mode since mtp is being a bitch, but I never “Safely remove” the device, I just unplug it.  Most of the time it doesnt have the option cause it disappears in the task bar, can anyone tell me how to do remove safely through another method?

If the screen on the Fuze says ‘connected’ then it’s safe to disconnect.  If it says ‘reading’ or especially ‘writing’ then you need to do a safe disconnect through the little icon in the system tray or you risk corrupting the memory on your Fuze and having problems later.

You can right-click on the drive letter in Windows Explorer and select Eject from the popup context menu.  The label will go from Sansa Fuze to something like Removable Drive once it’s “ejected”.

Note that there can be delays in a computer’s reading to/from a device.  I find it safest just to be in the habit of always disconnecting through using the Safely remove hardware icon in the system tray.

Pulling a flsh device out without safely remving is sotra like lifting the needle from a record yourself. 99.9% of the time it’s not going to hurt anything, and the worst it might do is damage the bit of data it was “looking” at at the time of removal. If your ‘safely remove hardware’ icon vanishes outof your ystem tray, look for the button dividing ‘system tray’ from ‘rest of task bar’ - the circle with the < sign on it. Click that, and all the icons that have been hidden will come back.