Am I duplicating music to clip-zip when I download entire MUSIC file from Windows Media ?

On my Clip Zip with a 32 micro card:   Using Windows Media I downloaded my whole “MUSIC” file to the device.   Now that I have added more music to my Windows Media MUSIC file,  can I again download the whole file to “update” the new music I’ve got, or will I be duplicating what was there before ?                   

It seems terribly laborious to have to selectively add the new music, checking back & forth to see what’s already been downloaded to the Clip-Zip.

If you’re using the ‘sync’ function in WMP, it will only add whatever is new, or has changed in your Music folder on your computer. Note that this method is a double-edged sword; it will also remove any file that you may have deleted from your computer’s Music folder. This isn’t a good thing.

Thanks !  Knowing me, I probably haven’t deleted anything from my Music… This is great news !  I have almost 1/2 of the 32gb card open still, so I can add lots more ! Now for the time to listen to it all …