Alternative to m3u playlists, still using MSC

OK, m3u playlists  do work on the Clip if you have all your ducks in a row.  Even a perfect playlist takes time for the player to process, and a long one can take several long seconds.  I thought up another way to do this that may work for some people.  This is how to do it using mp3tag v2.39, and I’m sure it can be done w/at least a few other apps or Winamp plug-ins:

  1. Create your m3u playlist as always

  2. Open mp3tag, goto File -> Open Playlist/Cue Sheet

  3. Browse to your playlist, select it and open it:

  4. If it’s a good playlist, it should open in mp3tag’s main window, w/songs in order.

  5. Select all the songs: (Ctrl-A) or Edit -> Select all files

  6. Open the auto-numbering wizard: (Ctrl-K) or Tools -> Auto-numbering wizard

  7. A little dialog will pop-up, click OK and it will number your track tags

  8. In the panel on the left, click in the album field

  9. Type in a name for the album, such as “My Mix” or whatever

  10. Click the save file button on the toolbar (very 1st button)

You can probably guess the rest: 

Now you can browse to this “album” on your player and it will play the songs in order, exactly like a playlist would!

You can also see the drawbacks to this method: 

  1. id3 tags were altered on these files, which is OK by me if I’m just going to delete them from the player after I’ve heard them

  2. You can’t see the “real” album name anymore, since you obliterated it!
    (on the plus side, it was replaced by “My Mix” or whatever, which may appeal to some people)

  3. It’s still time-consuming, but not as bad as it sounds.

If those few things don’t bother you, try it out and you’ll find it’s less stressful to the player than having it process a long m3u file and you can get to your music quicker.  I hope to automate at least some of this in a VB.Net program:  possibly start on it this weekend and finish it by sometime in 2009!

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