Altec im413 from and the remote wireless

After reading the post last week about the Altec im413 being available for $40 from I thought I’d purchase the unit.  I believe the post indicated it may be back ordered and a short wait was possible.  I purchased the unit late on the 7th and paid the default shipping expecting to get the unit in 10-20 days.  On Saturday, the 9th FEDEX delivered the unit and I was impressed with timeliness since the BUY.COM website indicated  it usually ships in 2-3 business days.

However, the one item not in the packaging, Altec box, was the “wireless remote”.  I’ve emailed a couple times to ask if they can send a remote, and I don’t think I’ve gone up high enough to resolve the issue.  Were still at the return the whole unit for a refund stage.

Can anyone confirm if the remote does NOT work with the Sansa Fuze?   If it doesn’t I’ll drop the issue with because it would just be a hassle.   Otherwise, I’ve been happy with the im413 unit, its also a great price!




Have the wireless remote now, and everything works great! was very fast in shipping and the price was great.

Anyone know if you can use this thing with the crystal case on your fuze?

I can use my Griffin dock with the crystal case, the connector sticks up just about a quarter inch (maybe a little less), so maybe someone who owns the A/T iM413 can measure how far that one sticks up and if it’s at least a quarter inch it should be OK

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