Also unable to Format micro 64Gb Extreme 100mbs.

Purchased from DJI along with a Phantom 4 Pro.  Took it out of the packaging and tried to format with an AT&T tablet, a Dell Laptop with Windows 10, and even with the Phantom 4 itself.  The Dell laptop recognizes it as a 30.6 mb card and just like the other two is unable to format it.

Contacted Sandisk support on the 28th of November and returned it.  Replacement was approved and  the shipping information was sent to UPS on the 8th of December (I got the email with the tracking number indicating this). Still today, 10 days later. when I check the tracking number it states that UPS still only has the shipping information, not the package to deliver to me.  

You know, I saw where many many micro cards that are advertised for sale on Sandisk’s website are not even in stock at this time.  The one I purchased from DJI is one of them.

Anyone know anything else to this effect?   How are they going to replace something that they do not even have in stock themselves?  Just an honest question.

Sandisk - I’m still waiting.


A huge Kudos to SanDisk!  They contacted me on 19 Dec and told me another replacement was on the way immediately.  They were not fooling around either.  UPS just delivered the replacement card and it works flawlessly.  One day delivery at 850 miles.  I will definately be a repeat customer with service like this.

Thanks SanDisk.  You Rock!