All Sansa Products Connectivity Suggestion (Power and Listening)

I have sold mp3 players for over 2 years now for a big box retailer, and it has been great seeing Sansa grow and improve their product.  Two years ago the craze was the C series, then E last year, and now it’s the Fuze.  I know plenty about the Clip and View, but there hasn’t been as strong of a pull for them in my area.  The on consistant issue has always been powering.  On the E and C series when you plug it to charge in you cannot use it to play music.  The Fuze was the first major pull away I saw from this, but most of the time when I use a USB charger not from Sansa it says that there is a USB connection and it will not let me play the device.  There should be a passive ignore on the USB connection as a charger source unless access is requested, or there should be an option in the settings to choose to ignore it as a computer connection and treat it as a power connection unless accessed through the USB data connection.

I understand that most accessories on the market are designed for the ipod, is there anyway to make an adapter so it can be connected to accessories designed for them?  Either way, a bluetooth function either built into the player, or an adapter that can be plugged into the data port would be awesome.  I love the Fuze, but I really want to use my bluetooth headset with it like I have on my other mp3 players.

there is a work around you can use to charge the player and listen to it at the same time. get a smail piece of tape and cover the 2 center pins (these are the data pins) of the usb side of the sync cable. now when you plug it in it will charge and you can still listen to it.