All info lost form SDmicro when inserted in Sansa Express

My son put his SD micro card into my Sansa Express and somehow all the info he had on there was deleted from the card. He lost pictures and his music was transferred to my Sansa Express…

Is it possible to get the pictures back?? the music part is annoying but can be put back on… the pictures are a big loss… what do we do?

Sorry for the late reply, but you are sure to have much chances to recover those lost pictures and music! Try photo recovery software to deal with the situation. Here are some picture recovery programs for your option.

Photo Recovery (for Windows)
Photo Recovery for Mac (for Mac OS X)

Both programs are able to recover pictures, videos and music. You may rely on to recover most of your lost files on your Sansa Express.

How to recover: --> Install the software on your computer, then connect your SD micro card to start recovery (the card will shown as a removable disk)

Note : Do not attempt to put more files to the card before your lost items are recovered!

Best regards