All Fuse music files are hidden and can't be deleted

I have Sanza Fuse 4GB with 8 GB expanded card Windows XP SP3 I have about 3 GB of music files that were placed on my Sanza vis drag and drop. I also have a 700 MB movie that was placed vis the Sanza Media Converter. The problems; 1) The Sanza directories would not show up in Windows Explorer without first installing Sanza Media Converter. 2) The music files installed via drag and drop do not show up in any directory; they are all hidden and it says the directory is empty. The files do show up and play in the player 3) Windows Media Player says there are no files to sync. So does Rhapsody. 4) The movie installed via SMC shows up ok in the Movie directory and plays. 5) I am unable to delete the music because the files are not visible. This is all a very buggy interface it seems at best.

make sure your player is connected in the right mode. There is a fix for this on the forum that works everytime. Read and you’ll find it. If your desperate then format the device.

Could either be a MSC vs. MTP issue, ‘hidden’ files or a combination of both.