All Files take flight

Yesterday my Clip froze. I turned it off and then on and it said “No Songs” When I got home and plugged it in, my computer said it has 10% of memory remaining. The same as before the hiccup. I loaded 2 more albums successfully and played them. All good with those but it still only shows THOSE two albums and 7% memory remaining. Updated latest firmware. Nothing changed. Format? Recover? Seems like my old files are in there somewhere. If you advise actions involving MODES, please elaborate. I don’t know a darn thing about MSC, MTD, MSG etc. Thanks

I’d try a reset:  hold the on switch uppermost for 15-20 seconds. 

If that doesn’t work, a reformat under the Clip’s Settings could clear things up.  BUT, it will erase your Clip’s content.  If you wish to keep it, can you see the content when you connect to your computer?  If so, transfer it back to your computer first.

MSC = Mass Storage Class

MSG = Mono Sodium Glutamate

MTD = Mass Transit District

FTD = Florist’s Transworld Delivery

STP = Motor Oil Additive

STD = Something condoms prevent the spread of

TOC = Top Dead Center

SOP = Standard Operating Procedure

MTP = Media Transfer Protocol

PFC = Private First Class

DOA = Dead On Arrival