All file content magically disappearing!

Basically after pausing the device, letting it shut down then restarting,

my music, podcasts etc still appear on device but wont play, when you try and play there is no movement on the progress bar, when I sync the device to windows media player it says the device is still using up memory but no files appear on the track listing, this has happened several times now, please help! every time I have had to format the device and then add all my music

Sorry to disillusion you, but there’s no magic involved.  It’s the work of the gremlins that live inside the player and love to mess with electronic devices!  (Just kidding) :wink:

It sounds like it’s either the firmware that’s become corrupted or the device is defective.  I suggest that you reapply the firmware.  You can find it at the top of the board in a sticky thread.  There’ll be a download link to it and instructions on how to do it.  I suggest you format the player before reinstalling the firmware and remove the external card if you have one inserted in the player.  (I’m assuming you have a clip+).   After reinstalling the firmware and letting the player update itself, I would run an error check on the player to see if there’s any issues there.

If after doing that and the problem persists, then it’s time to contact Sandisk for a warranty replacement if it’s still in the warranty period.