all docs accessible,even with maximized Privacy Zone, before password is entered

Hi. It doesn’t seem to matter what I do: all docs, whole computer shows and is accessible when i plug in my CruzerProfessional 2 GB. It’s kinda old:  I bought it in 2009,paid what is now feeling like way too much :cry:  and just now began using it. It immediately put every single thing onto itself  (i don’t even recall how this actually happened) and now it seems that I can’t put anything “behind” a password-protected partition.

So I formatted the whole device (thus changed the password) and started over…same problem.

Then I maximized the Privacy Zone, but every single thing in my computer is accessed thru the Cruzer both before and after I enter my password.

I figure that if someone swipes the device off my keychain, they can see every file and every other thing in this machine, bec I can while this device is showing in the H:\  window. 

Am I missing some embarrassingly obvious aspect of using the flash drive?

Also, I cannot find a User Manual on the Sandisk site for this exact device.

OH, no–just realized this >>> I use a sandbox environment, and it is “on” now-- could this prevent the flash device from functioning? It doesn’t interfere with other stuff using USB ports. 

Thank you in advance.

I think I got it right, but it is not user-friendly, so not all that embarrassing, I suppose. I still think I don’t have a good grasp of how this thing should work, per the password protected section. Any input would be welcomed. Thanks.