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The title speaks for itself :smiley:

Benchmark test of my Rig. Feel free to post yours…


Hey, me worry?

Just plug this thing in, problem solved.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Woah… when did the website change? Its so simple now… anyways. I have a Celeron D at 2.53 GHZ with 3/4 GB DDR RAM and 120 GB hard drive. I am going to get:

Athlon II X4 635


320 GB HDD

ATI 4850 (too bad ATI brand has been dropped)


Rosewill case with 450 watt PSU


I have a ZDS LP286 with MS-DOS 3.3+. Boots to system prompt in 12 seconds.

Why not share our WEI scores? :stuck_out_tongue:

(contrary to what the image below states, it’s running faster than 3.00GHz)

I just knew this was going to turn into a “mines bigger/better/faster than yours” thread, little more than a brag-fest. I was hoping no one would take the bait.

Too late.

Just a nice, solid Toshiba laptop here (purchased a few years back as a Black Friday special at a very nifty price), but with a new 640GB hard drive installed.  The old hard drive was very respectable, but boy, the 640GB drive really adds an element of freedom in not having to be concerned about space and archiving away old videos right away.  Highly recommended!

Still have in use a Win98 computer with a whopping 19gig harddrive.

@mags1230 wrote:

Still have in use a Win98 computer with a whopping 19gig harddrive.

Good for you–more power to you!

Thanks Miikerman.  :smiley:

Although the 19GB hard drive would be painful for me at this point.  When I went from my old IBM Thinkpad with its 24GB or so hard drive to my Toshiba with a 250GB hard drive, it was such a pleasure:  no more constant shuffling of things to DVDs! 

There was a time when I used Iomega zip disks for backups and for storing stuff.   Liked the zip disks because they can be reused and held alot.

Computers have come so far since the old Win98 days.  One of the biggest improvements is system retore in my book.  No more freezing nor crashing.  Oh, the many times I wanted to toss that old computer out the highest window I could find.  lol

@14124all wrote:

I have a ZDS LP286 with MS-DOS 3.3+. Boots to system prompt in 12 seconds.

But . . . How?  When my ancient DOS computer worked (all it shows now is a blinking cursor) it took about 30 seconds to a minute to boot.  I’m not from that time, but they are fun to mess with.  Actually, it taught me a little BASIC.

@saxmaster765 wrote:


 When my ancient DOS computer worked …(edit)…   I’m not from that time , but they are fun to mess with.   

What are you also trying to imply?  That those who were around at that time are ancient too?  :wink:

It’s a perspective thing because I’m not that old, so they are rather old to me.  Also, that is rather old for a computer.  I don’t tend to see computers a lot that are over a few years old, or don’t have the lastest Windows version (or Mac).  However, the computer I’m typing this on was built by my dad and has at least one or two parts that was in it when it ran Windows 3.1 and it’s currently running Windows XP.

Goodbye to my VC :cry:

Switching to green :smileyvery-happy: