Album Sorting - By release date?

Right now, when I navigate from Music > Artist > Album, the Album list is sorted Alphabetically. Is there a way to enable this to sort by date instead? If not, is it possible to add this in the next firmware?

ATM, there is no way I’m aware of, but you could just add the date to the beginning of the album tag, if this is your preferred sort method.

Of course, that makes it difficult to sort by alpha.

As tenzip said not right now. Adding the date or some other modifier to the Album name tag would be the only thing I could recomend.

I would like this too, being a nostalgic old fart, especially since the data is in the tags.  Rhapsody can display this data in the notes, if they’re provided for the particular album. 

There’s a hiccup in the integration of the music notes when using the Sansa e200 series v2 devices and the µSD card: the artists notes are not linked to the card.  Funny, I haven’t really played with this combination as much with the Fuze.

Hmm…another task on to the woodpile!  I even get into trouble on my own.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: