Album becomes 2 folders in Fuze

Hi all:

While I’m trying to resolve my issue of including album art in the Fuze, I’ve come across an aggravating problem:

I synchronized Jimi Hendrix album: The Valleys of Neptune through WMP per the advice for getting the album art . Usually I never do this because copying via Windows Explorer/Power desk works just fine.

Then I disconnected the Fuze via the standard Windows method. When I took a look at the album, it’s split into 2 folders: UNKNOWN and  Valley of Neptune.  WHen I take a look at UNKNOWN ,it has songs 5-12 and the song names are numbered. When I take a look at the Valley of Neptune: the first 4 songs are there but don’t have a number to the left.

OK, I’ve never had this problem before. So what’s the cause and how can I correct this?



The songs that are listed as unknown for the album are missing their album tag. You can use a free program such as mp3tag to easily edit the tags on your songs, and to select a whole album of songs and in one step give them all the same album name. When assigning track numbers to songs, muke sure the songs lower than 10 have a leading zero, ie. 01, 02, etc.Otherwise they won’t sort correctly.

When you connect to the computer and look at the files with Windows Explorer, is the whole Hendrix album in one folder or two?

As JK98 said, the problem is tags. Artist, Album, Song Title, etc., aren’t folders–they are lists made  from the tags.  No tag, or unreadable tag  shows up as  Unknown. If the files are all appearing in one folder via your computer, open the folder with mp3tag, highlight them all, put Jimi Hendrix in the Artist field on the left and Save.

Then again, if you have an Unknown folder visible, the problem occurred when the album was ripped.

The tags are put on when the album is ripped to mp3. Usually a ripping program looks for the tags online. If they’re not there, or they are messed up, annoying things happen.

Some ripping programs can make things worse by making subfolders from the tags.  For instance, it looks at  Artist to get Hendrix, then makes  a subfolder for Valleys of Neptune as an album. So ff the poor underpaid drone who originally put the tags online missed putting Jimi Hendrix in an artist field, you might find a folder of Unknown and a subfolder of Valleys of Neptune.  (Unknown is a really great guitarist.)

Either way, fixing the tags will fix the problem. You could even leave Unknown’s folder–as long as the Fuze sees Hendrix and Valleys of Neptune on the files, it will show the whole album as a single album.


Thanks for the tip. I’ll give it a try.

Black rectangle: In Windows explorer, it’s 1 file. So I don’t understand why it’s showing up as UNKOWN.

Thanks again!


Hey guys

Thanks! MP3tag did the trick. There was bad ID3 tags. I fix them but I didn’t find how to do it very intuditive

So I used a cludge of copying and pasting from song 4 and changing a few fields. But now the cosmos is in balance again! :slight_smile:

Thanks again!