Album artwork

I have xferred all my music to iexpand succesfully hardly any of the album artwork. Does anyone have any suggestions. The music has been copies from the itunes folder. 

there are 2 versions of the iXpand. Can you confirm which version you are using?

iXpand USB 2.0: 

iXpand USB 3.0:

Are the files purchased from itunes? If not what is the source of the files? Are all the ID3 tags filled out correctly and is the album art embedded in the file? 

What is the file type of the music files? MP3? AAC?

How many files were added? If you are transferring a large amount of files it can take a while to generate the thumbnails.

How long did you wait for the thumbnails to be generated? 

Can you PM a few of the files not showing album art to me? You can use dropbox or something like that to send a link. Send the link in a PM and do not post publicly on the forum. I can take a look at the files and see if there is anything specific to the files that may be causing the issue. 

Hi drlucky,

I am using a iXpand USB 2 on an ipad mini. The music files come from CDs and have been xfered into itunes as m4a files. I am using iTunes (mac os).


if the music is from CDs did you fill the ID3 tags out completely and embed the album artwork?

I transferred the files by copying them across it the music folder (disc to disc). I do not beleive that the artwork is embeded as ny limited understand is that the artwork is held in someother itunes folder.

If that is the case the album art was not transferred with the files so It will not show up using the iXpand Sync app. You will need to embed the album art in the file so it is transferred with the file. 

Old thread, but I know why the artwork aren’t appearing. It is because iTunes’ native file format is MP4/M4A. iXpand recognizes this format for playing, but it does not recognize the XMP metadata format, necessary for MP4/M4A.

MP3s and such use ID3, which from my understanding is the only metadata format recognized by iXpand.

It would be nice if iXpand recognizes XMP. It really isn’t that hard to do.