Album Art

Why don’t I see any album art on the Sansa Fuze?

The setting to show album art is set to on.

Currently, if you rip your CDs using Windows Media Player (I am using MTP mode), the album art is transferred automatically, and displays correctly.

Also, in MTP mode, files transferred from Rhapsody include the album art display with the files.

Are you trying to transfer the mp3 files manually, in MSC or MTP mode?

ALso, the “display album art” switch in the Fuze’s GUI is a toggle to display the album art when navigating through the “album” list.  The album art display during song play is not affected by this switch.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Well I just did a drag and drop from my files to the sansa drive.

Most of these cds were ripped using Creative software.

Maybe I’ll try ripping one with windows medai player to see what happens.

I wouldn’t want to retransfer all my cdst though.

Try loading just a few tracks via Windows Media Player, and see if your album art goes with it.  Note that the album art MUST be displayed when in the WiMP interface; if you don’t see the album art on the screen of the PC first, or the “Paste Art Here” logo is up, you’ll need to find the art manually for WiMP.

There’s one quirk in the current configuration.  If you try to find the art within WiMP, all it does is pull up websites to purchase another CD.  Uh, hello, Microsoft?  We’re ripping from a physical CD, aren’t we?  I already have one, thank you.  You can Google the album art under “image search”, then drag and drop the art to the “Paste” blank CD.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

just for the record if someone runs a search for this:

v01.01.22 does not search for any jpeg image file in the album directory, file name must be folder.jpg or (some says) “album art.jpg”. J78YDS534GJ.jpg is no good :frowning:

600*600 album cover art jpeg file is too large even if filesize is only 1kb, so it is definitelly the resolution in this case. 500*500 is ok.