Album Art

Just got the Fuze 8GB Silver. When I drag and drop folders of music, the album art is not coming over. I don’t see the album art file, I have “show hidden files” selected in my folders view, so I assume it’s just embedded somehow when I rip my cds. So I get the generic picture of a cd with a music note. I have heard embedded album art is not supported BUT I also have a Sansa c250 2GB player where if I drag and drop those exact same folders the art comes over no problems. What is going on? Can I get some clarification.

p.s. If I sync using WMP the art DOES come over, but I hate using WMP, I like drag and drop much better.

also make sure you unhide hidden protected files.  please check where the album art is located in relation to the music.  do a search first for hidden jpg files, their names should be “albumart.jpg” or “folder.jpg”. if some are present, than next check if these files are in the same folder as the music you want attached to it. they will not work unless they are in the same folder of the music.


I shouldn’t have to do all this, I have a 2gb c250 and it copies the art just fine using drag and drop, no unchecking hide system files or any other unneccessary steps. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, I don’t see what could’ve changed…