Album Art problem using WinAmp

I got my new Fuze+ yesterday and have been using Winamp to transfer songs. My songs are either in AAC (ripped my winamp) or mp3, and by using winamp the white boarder pops up and the picture is small. Winamp says that it’s at 120x120. Does anyone know how to change the picture dimension in Winamp? I would like to transfer songs by Winamp instead of having to go in and transfer folders by My Computer and I hate using Rhapsody. In fact album art doesn’t even show up when I use Rhappsody. Also I have the latest version of Winamp which is version 5.601.

With 120 * 120, you will see a white border. 300 * 300 is the hot ticket for the Fuze+.

If you are using MSC mode, the only album art with your music will be the embedded version.  You can embed a larger art jpg file with a tag editor like MP3Tag; in MSC mode, you should be able to modify the files resident on the device itself (MP3Tag wants MSC access to the device to work).

You can add a jpg file to each individual album folder, and the player will use this image when loading the file, otherwise, it will use the embedded image.

In MTP mode, an album art image is transferred to the device for each album, as when you use Windows Media Player for the transfer.  There’s nothing wrong with using MSC mode, just remember that the automated functions don’t take place in the background.


This is a known limitation with Winamp…

Sadly they dont seem to care and under the exact same cicumstances

Windows Media Player transfers full size art so why winamp can not do it i don’t know.

If you go in and delete the .alb files created after a Winamp transfer that will allow the player

to read any embedded art or usage of a folder.jpg.

Winamp transfers these hidden 0 byte “name”.alb files 1 in each album folder at a size of 120x120

which obviously makes things look awfull