Album Art on microSD lost after card removal

I noticed that I can get album art for songs loaded to my microSD if I transfer them using a program like rhapsody. But if I remove the microSD card I lose the album art and can’t get it back.  Each of my songs has album art embedded in the id3tag but doesn’t seem to be how the Connect gets its album art.  Anyone know how to add album art for content already on the microSD. 

Only suggestion I have is to check the resolution (width x height) of the artwork embedded as a tag.  I believe I’ve seen that it doesn’t support artwork larger than 400 x 400 pixels., for example, embeds artwork with size 500 x 500 … I’ve had to shrink it down to get it to display.

I have the same problem. The artwork displayed fine when I first synced with Windows Media, but when I removed the card and reinserted it, the album art had disappeared. It reappears if I reinstall the album, but as I have an almost full 8GB card, THAT’s not going to be a solution going forward.