Album Art How to Add on a Mac Computer from Itunes

Hi, thanks to this site I was finally able to add a playlist from Itunes but I’m having trouble figuring out how to add album artwork. I don’t have any external programs to transfer music or podcasts.  I plug in the Clip Zip via USB and it appears on my desktop, click it and I get the various folders, music, podcasts etc.

I was able to add a playlist by creating a text edit file and dragging it to the music folder, that worked great, minor thing but there is an additional playlist with the same title “Workout” but with an asterisk in front *Workout, nothing on it but when I click open the music folder I can’t find it to delete it.  The regular functional workout playlist is present but not the empty one with the asterisk in front that appears on my actual zip clip player.

Anyway back to album art, I’ve read some of the suggestions here but I can’t seem to find the places to put the information like folder.jpg.  Do I click the song, then click more info, then add copy the artwork and paste it into the tag sections of the dialog box?

Some of the songs show the artwork in the music folder but then don’t show anything on the actual player.  Thanks for your help.


There are a few tricky problems using Mac OSX to manage FAT32 drives, including SanDisk devices.

Take a look at this webpage for a description of the problem of “Hidden Files”.


I use the software “HiM” to remove the “hidden files” created by my MacMini while copying new files to my SanDisk Clip Sport.


I have been using “mp3tag” sofware on my PC and Mac to manage my mp3 collection.

Take a look at the main website for mp3tag.

Then take a look at the version of mp3tag modified for OSX using “Wine Bottler”

Using mp3tag software on my Mac, I can easily manage ID3 tags including embedded album art.

     I like to use jpg files that are approx 250 x 250 pixels at 72 dpi.

     Instead of embedding album art you can place a file named “folder.jpg” in the same folder as the mp3 files on your SanDisk player.