Album art doesn't work

I embedded all my mp3 files with album art and they won’t show in list. Some will show when playing the song but most don’t. I don’t think this bug has been fixed yet even though the firmware states that it was.

What USB mode are you using?  Some more detail might help unravel the problem.

Bob  :wink:

MSC. I embedded the files with 200x200 and <32kB album art and they show up when playing but not in the list mode.

The embedded is working then.  The wee list version is generated separately using a function linked from a secure server in the home office on Monster Island.  That’s just a guess.  Actually, experimenting with the data, I’ve swapped and zorched a few of them from the µSD card, forcing the Fuze to display the default “CD” logo in the Album list mode.

I’ll have to play with the function a bit further.  I believe that the Fuze builds the teeny version from the main album art file.  Time to pull a few album covers and do a bit of MSC / MTP transfers.  You have my curiosity going on the source.

I have the patient plugged in… details to follow

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: