after starting Rhapsody subscription playback crashes and sometimes whitescreen


I have been having a problem with my new sansa fuze 8GB. When I first plugged it into my computer it downloaded every file it could and it played great. I got onto the forums to look into converting videos and followed all the suggestions and finally had success there. I was in heaven.


Then I wanted to build playlists and couldn’t understand why the WMP lists I had would not transition over to my fuze. I read somewhere in the forums about how easy it was with Rhapsody. So I signed up and ever since, when I play any of my music (my original mp3s, newly purchased wmas from rhapsody or the subscription downloads) I can maybe play a song or 2, or immediately it will crash. The track info says 00:00 in progression, 00:00 in length, the green play arrow is there. Sometimes it says the correct track length. I try to skip ahead or backward but it just freezes. When I try to mess around, I sometimes get a white screen. White screen or not, I’m frozen and have to reboot. A few seconds later and it’s back to being stuck on the same track, or if I’m lucky, it’s skipped to something else, will play a bit, and then crash again on the next song.


I want to try the solutions suggested in other forums about IDC tags? or converting all files to something? but just wanted to know if there were something else I should do first. Should I get rid of my Rhapsody subscription and start fresh? I love my fuze. Only had it for 2 weeks and can’t live without! Please help. Thank you.

For music ripped from CD, MP3Tag is the hot ticket to mend yout ID3 tag data.  The Sansa likes ID3v2.3 ISO 8859-1 tags.  The tracks from Rhapsody will already have proper tag data in this format.

If you have Rhapsody sourced tracks that will not play, delete them from the device, then retransfer.  They should then play properly.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: