After I delete a playlist, they still show up on my Fuze

The fuze is in MSC mode, I’m using .m3u playlists, and playlists that i have deleted (went in and deleted the .m3u file) are still shown as empty playlists on my playlist screen on the fuze.

is there any way to fix this?

Were the playlists put on in MSC mode? If so, I can’t say as I’ve had this problem, but you can delete the MTABLE.SYS file in the root directory of the Fuze. That will force it to completely rebuild it’s database upon start-up, rather than merely appending the existing one.

That should clear them out.

Nope, they’re still there.  Do playlists get copied into another folder automatically by the FUZE?

I dropped the playlists in MSC mode onto the microSD storage chip in the “MUSIC” folder.

so it’s MUSIC\playlist.m3u

I deleted the M3u file through my file browser on the computer, and I’ve double checked that they’re not there.  I hope i don’t have to format the FUZE or anything…

Maybe there’s another file with that name in some other directory? The fuze will add an .m3u playlist regardless of whether you put it (and depending on where you put it, there’s a good chance it’ll be empty).

Have you looked in the Playlists folder? It may be a ‘hidden’ folder so you’ll have to set Windows to show it.

Oh, that’s it. there were hidden versions of the playlists in the MUSIC folder, I deleted them and there’s no problem now. Strange though.