After Firmwareupgrade Problems to Charge

Hallo everybody,

first i have to say sorry for my bad english and so it would be nice if you keep your words simple for me.

Ok back to topic.

I have Fuze 8GB Revision 1 and the Firmware 1.1.11 was on it. Two days ago i thought about to search new firmware

to get some new features maybe.

So i found this Forum und made an update with the SanDisk Updater to Firmware 1.11.22

After this Update everthing works fine, bur 1 big Problem!

When i plug in the usb connector to the pc it charges the fuze about 1-2 minutes and then it stops charging and

the battery of the fuze ist only loaded 10%.

If i put the fuze on an extra powerconnector with an USB Port to charge it stops charging after 1 minute and the

battery is still only 10% full.

No I changed the Firmware back to 1.11.15 an the fuze charges when i plugthe usb connector

to the pc but same problem with the extra charger without pc.

The difference and the reason i see in the specification of the extra charger.

The charger is specified with a current of 400mA. A normal USB port at the pc

is specified up to 500mA.

Could this be a reason for one of my problems?

I have just orderd a new charger with a specification up to 750mA and so i´ll see if this is the reason.

But one Problem isn´t solved by this way, wehen i put the newest firnware 1.11.22 on it

it isn´t possible to charge the battery of the fuze at a usb port at the pc.

So has anybody or had anybody the same problems and could give me an solution for this.