After firmware update, cannot add new playlists

I updated from 1.01.29 to 1.01.32, and noticed some changes.

  1. The directory layout of the Clip is a little different.  It used to show the Clip, and within that, ‘Internal Memory’, and within that, the folders.  Now it’s just the Clip, and within that, the folders.

  2. All the songs on the Clip from before the upgrade are not viewable in the Music folder, or any other folder.  They are on the device, as I can play them, and they take up space on the Clip.

  3. Using WMP11, I added a  new playlist to the clip.  The songs in the playlist transferred over fine, and I can see these in the Music folder, but the playlist doesn’t show up in the Clip’s playlists (though all the playlists from before the firware update show up just fine).

Some clarifications on the points above:

On point #2, I cannot see pre-firmware update songs when viewing the Clip’s contents on my computer.  I can see the songs and playlists on the device itself.

On point #3, I can see see post-firmware update songs when viewing the Clip’s contents on my pc.  But I cannot see post-firmware update playlists on the device, though I can see post firmware update songs on the device.

When you upgrade your firmware, the Clip resets the USB mode (under Settings).  Set it back to what you had before (MTP?) and you likely will be fine again.

Note that you now, from your description, may have some items transferred to your Clip in each of the MTP and MSC modes (from before and after the upgrade) .  There’s nothing wrong with that, except that, your computer only can see what’s on your Clip as to content transferred under the USB mode that you currently are connected to your computer under.  And so you may want to delete your post-update material, set your USB mode back to what it was before, and then transfer the material back to your Clip.

Thanks, that solves it.  Pre firmware update, I was in MTP mode, and post update, in MSC mode.  When I switched back to MTP mode, I saw the old layout (showing ‘Internal Memory’, and my pre update songs).

I did exactly what you suggested and deleted the post-update material, and transfered it back using MTP mode, and now everything is fine and I can see the newly transferred playlist on the Clip.  Thanks again.

That’s great to hear!  A bit odd at the same time, as the Clip usually resets to USB Auto mode …  tricky little demon!  But you’re set, the important thing.

I may have put it into MSC mode after the update, in an attempt to get the thing to charge when connected to the power adapter.