After applying ReplayGain on FLAC files some tagging data doesn’t work.

A newbe here.

I am using EAC (Exact Audio Copy) to convert my CD collection to FLAC. I can load those files into my Sandisk Sport Clip and everything works great (Album art, song name, artist and album). I can search the files by artist, album, or song. I can get about 1200 songs on a 32Gb Sandisk micro SD. If I take the same EAC FLAC file and apply ReplayGain  with Foobar2000 I lose the artist and album information on the Sport clip (unknown artist and unknown album). The album art still works and the song name works but the song name shows up with a .flac extension at the end of the song name. The ReplayGain function doesn’t work all that well on the Sport Clip with FLAC files but it seems to have some functionality.  I like having the ReplayGain on my Rockboxed Xduoo X3 it works great and all the tagging info is displayed properly on it. I would love to be able to get these ReplayGain altered files to work properly on my Sport Clip. Any ideas?