Advice please...e250 or Fuze? Which is really the better investment ?

Hello. I need some help please. I’ve received a gift card to and would like to use it to get either a Sansa e250 or Fuze. 

I have read that the Fuze has improvements over the 250 and that the sound is far better quality. But are the differences enough of an improvement that the Fuze is without a doubt a much better choice?

The idea of having to throw away the Fuze once the battery is no longer any good makes me really wonder whether it is a smart purchase.

For those of you pro Fuze, what makes it the better investment in spite of the loss of the replaceable battery?

For those of you pro e250, what makes it the better choice and do you prefer V1 or V2?

Thank you so very much for your kind assistance! 

IMO Fuze is much better than e200.

I have a Clip, I will buy a Fuze when I am not so broke.

I like the Fuze display mutch better. Also, sin the Fuze is a later development, I am assuming SanDisk will put there development effort in the Fuze. I have heard the software is similiar in the e200 series and the Fuze.

Personally, I am not concerned with the built in battery. The player has a 1 year warranty. If the battery dies after that, there will be new devices out anyway.

Fuze all the way…

-  Better thumbwheel and button layout

-  Better Database Refresh

-  Better sound (chipset based on the Clip, which is MILES ahead of what is on the E series)

-  Smaller form factor

-  Better Screen

-  Longer battery life

-  SDHC Micro SD card support

The only thing the E200 has for it is that it has a user replaceable battery, and it can scroll from A-Z and Z-A directly.  (The Fuze should have this in a future Firmware release…so the rumor goes)

Also, the Fuze is actively under development, so things such as Ogg Vorbis and FLAC support that is being made available on the Clip will make it to the Fuze.  The E200 code base is pretty much matured.

I personally can’t think of a reason to own an E200 unless you want a V1 version to Rockbox.   The user replaceable battery is more a marketing tool than it is useful, since you have no assurance how “old” the replacement battery you buy is, and it is possible if it has sat around in a warehouse, that the “new” battery has less capacity than the one you currently have.

I love em both.  With the same code essentially running both machines, SanDisk would be wise to look at the solutions each platform offers, and develop them together (Comparing the v2 device and Fuze).

For example, the database refresh is a matter of a code change.

The Fuze has an excellent bookmark feature and improved GUI for video.  I find the color temperature, saturation, contrast, and detail superior on the e280; the Fuze has a softer, warmer image, and excellent off-axis visibility as a tradeoff.

I’d love to see a firmware option to activate the menu button on the Fuze to handle power like the e200; the hidden side slider is the thorn in my side.

If SanDisk would marry the two devices for firmware support, it would be wonderful.  The Fuze is the future platform, no doubt.  As inventory runs dry on the venerable e200 platform, it’s natural to assume that the Fuze form is going to endure.  But for me, in the hand, I love the solid little e280 too.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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