Admin Logout?

What is the purpose of “Admin Logout”?  When I tap that in the iPad app, it appears that I’m logged out.  But when I leave that page and come back to it, I’m automatically logged back in.  Does this have something to do with other people being able to access my Media Player when we’re both on the same wifi?

Yes that is exactly what it is for. If someone elese is on the same network you do may not want them to have access to change the WiFi name or password for example. to do this they would need your admin password. 

Does that mean that when I’m logged in to Admin, and the Media Player is connected to the internet, someone else on the same WiFi network can not only access my content (bad), but also access the Admin settings (worse)?

they can only access the admin settings if they have your admin password. the default password is admin which is rpetty easy to guess so I would suggest changing that if you have not aready. 

Then I guess I am back to wondering why there is an admin logout, given that logging back in is automatic (see my original post).  Or is automatic login a bug?  I can’t see where to turn it off.  I have tried erasing the password field that is automatically populated, but that didn’t do anything.

OK, it looks like it was indeed a bug, and was fixed with the latest iOS app update.

Now, when I log out of admin, I have to log back in using my password (as expected).  I am no longer automatically logged back in just by tapping on the settings icon.

I bought my media drive in 2017, flashed in the latest firmware, and the Admin Logout still doesn’t do anything ? After Log Out, and going to Login In screen, it has my password hidden, but filled in, so all I have to do is hit login. no password required.

Or, just Logout, go back to Home, and back to settings, and you are back to being Logged In


What is Admin Log Out for then ?

Feb 2017