Adding Songs twice

I don’t know what the problem is… All of the sudden my Fuze is now adding songs twice when I put them on from Rhapsody… Then even when I go to Rhapsody and delete them it still shows them still doubled on the player itself…

What is the problem… Please help… I’m ready to throw this thing in the trash :slight_smile:

Thats Strange… Ive never heard of this. When you add them do they add twice? If so then there is probably a setting thats causing it in Rhapsody. If you got 2 on the player and you just want to delete it, choose one instance of the song then hit the center button while It plays and then scroll down and choose delete song.

No initially when I add the song it only shows that it has added it once… But then once I disconnect… And look at it on the player itself they are added twice… And I have went through on the player and deleted the duplicates, but then when I hook back up to Rhapsody to download more songs, and it updates library or whatever, they show up twice again…

Are they in your Rhapsody library Twice? Also I would turn off the Auto-Sync in rhapsody, it could be adding them… This is not something I have heard of before.  

no, only in Rhapsody once

where is the auto-sync setting at in Rhapsody, so I can turn that off?

Im not sure… I havent used it in a while. I do remember people having to do it in the recent past however. 

thanks for your help… I deauthorized and reformatted, and I’m gonna start fresh, and see if maybe it was just have a bad day :)  If not back to best buy it goes… I just wish my Zen never would have crashed…