Add to que feature? (Enque)

In winamp you can right click an mp3 and choose ‘enque’ so the mp3 plays right after what’s currently playing. I’d love my Clip to have this feature as it would avoid me from waiting around for the current song to finish to select my next one. It could be an option to hold in the middle button on the song you want to play next. Anyone agree? I think this would rock!! :smiley:

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Guess no one else is interested in this feature then huh…

On the contrary, this could be very handy. I often add to the playback queue when I’m on the pc. I wouldn’t use it much for the Clip, but it’s still a nice feature to have.

However, there could be some implications. For example, what should happen when you are shuffling a playlist and enqueue a song from an artist’s menu? Should the playback switch to shuffling the artist’s songs, or just play that one song and then return back to the playlist?

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Play that one song next and then carry on with the playlist.

All I really want is just a way to ‘automatically play next’ if you get what I mean. Just highlight over the song you want to play next and hold in the middle button so it get played next automatically after the current song’s finished.