Add a clip to your Fuze

I came up with a rather nice way of adding a useful clip to my Fuze and have enjoyed it. I have an 8GB Clip that I use heavily because of many reasons including the useful clip, which I attach to my shirt, and felt my Fuze needed a clip.

Using some quality Scotch brand double-sided tape…quality matters for continued sticking power…and snagging the low-profile clip from the un-used skin of a Creative Labs Zen Stone, I cleaned the mating surfaces well with 90% rubbing alcohol and applied the double-sided tape, then attched the flat, plastic side of the clip to the back of my Fuze. For greater clip retention…to my shirt…I applied some hook velcro to the innerside of the clip. This allows the velcro…the hook portion… to squeeze against my shirt, snagging the fabric, for better hold than the smooth, un-velcro’d surface of the clip.

Any flat-surfaced clip would do. The main thing is it having a flat surface for the best possible mating. The Zen Stone clip has the perfect proportion and mating surface I was looking for.

Message Edited by MartyLK on 09-10-2009 05:48 AM

Its sounds cool, in my case i tried to purchased a plastic case with clips in it you can also try to check for that in :wink: