Adaptor for Conversion of SD (mini) to Pro DUO or XD Picture Card


I have tons of SanDisk memory cards used on several computers including external readers and consumer electronics products (gps, digital cameras, camcorders, etc).

I need insight on the downside (or upside) of using a memory adapter to adapt (convert between):

  1. SanDisk SD (mini) memory device to a Sony Pro DUO stick, and

  2. SanDisk SD (mini) memory device to a xd Picture card

In other words, use a SD mini memory device to replace a Sony Pro DUO stick via an adaptor (card) that provides a physical (and electrical) conversion between the memory devices (typically by inserting the mini SD inside the adaptor then replacing the memory device/card being replaced with the adpator that serves as the replacement).

I would very much like to hear from people on the pros and cons of providing such a conversion to include the two memory conversions mentioned above.

Thanks, Jerree

Do Sandisk have a replacement memory card to replace the Sony Pro Duo.