Acquired refurbished Sansa, want to be sure it's Fuze

I inherited a refurbished Sansa and I’m 90% certain that it’s a Fuze, but I suppose I should check. The numers BE0805AVUK-2GB are on the back and the firmware is listed as V01.02.28A. is that enough info to figure out if it’s a Fuze?

I want to be sure before I buy a Micro SDHC card, since Fuzes are compatible, but this thing only says Micro SD by the card slot.

It sounds like it probably is a fuze (from the firmware version), but why not just look at the pictures in the sansa store?

Possibly because I’m stupid and didn’t think of that. The picture seems to match, so I guess it is.

He he, that’s good!  And it’s a version 1, congrats.