Achieving random/shuffle play with a personalized (blank) microSD card (SlotRadio Player)

I apologize in advance for asking a noob question for my first post. I’ve read through some other threads and couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for, and thought I’d post to the device-specific board.

I purchased a 2 GB ativa microSD card to load some of my own music (would have bought a SanDisk card, but none in the store), and used the accompanying adapter to connect to my computer and drag and drop files directly to the card.

I set up 5 test folders which, on the SlotRadio Player’s display screen, appear like the 7 playlists on one of the pre-loaded (1,000-song) SlotRadio cards. I can navigate through the test folders using the buttons on the left and right of the display screen, and the folder names/songs appear in the same format as the playlists/songs from pre-loaded cards.

However, while the SlotRadio Player appears to play pre-loaded cards in random/shuffle mode (my preference as well) and loops after exhausting all titles on any given playlist (to keep the vibe going), the player won’t play my personally loaded microSD card that way. It will play in the existing order, and jump to the next folder on the card after all titles in the current folder have played.

Is there any coding I can add to an existing new file on the card to initiate random/shuffle play and looping?

The firmware on my SlotRadio Player is 01.01.13A (not the most current, but I’m not sure if this has anything to do with what I described above). 

I use WMP to organize my music and first tried synching to the microSD with this software, but opted to drag and drop after realizing the SlotRadio Player treats each folder (Artist, Album, etc.) as a “playlist.” (The same barrier to random/shuffle play I’ve run into using a cheapy 1 GB mp3 player in the past.)

Thanks in advance for taking the time to check this out.


what you are seeing is by design of the player. there is actually no random mode for this player. when using slotradio cards it may seem to be playing in a random order but it actually is not. there are 3 different ordered playlists for each playlist on the card so the songs do not play in the same order. Unfortunately you will not be able to play your personal music randomly as the player it self does not support random play.

That’s a little disappointing, but not contrary to any of the advertised features of the SlotRadio Player.

I think I wanted to believe it would play randomly, but I did get an inkling of the scenario you described the more I listened to the player.

I originally bought one for my Dad, because he doesn’t have a computer, but for me, the Fuze is probably the way to go.


You can create an .m3u playlist to sequence the files and the slotradio should follow that playlist.  Search for the topic .m3u