Accidental Format SandiskSecure

I thought I was formatting a SD card.  I purchased Ease US and was able to recover all non encrypted files.

Drive shows only 12GB out of 128.  Any help would be appreciated!

What does Ease US suggest for the other 116GB?  You paid for it they should help.

What does the drive look like in Windows’ DiskManagement?

EasUs pointed me to San Disk. Below is the screenshot of DM

I can assure you SanDisk did not shrink your drive.


That being said, use Disk Management to expand the E: drive to include the unallocated space on the drive. I’m not current on Windows but I believe the steps are RIGHT click on the E: drive and select Expand then drag the right edge to the far right.  Once expanded you may need to format the drive so backup any files you have on it.


I want to recover the files that were already on  the encrypted area.  I was able to recover the nonencrypted files.

OK.  After expanding the E: drive to include the unallocated part of the drive, do not format it and see if Ease US can find the vault files.  Once found hopefully SecureAccess will work for you again.  Only SecureAccess can access the files in the vault, Ease US won’t be able to do that, not even the paid version.