Accessing the WMD via computer

I am trying to figure out how to access my WMD wirelessly through Windows, Mac OS X, and Ubuntu (I know this one is not listed as compatible in the specs).  I can connect to my WMD without issue via wifi, but I cannot see it in any of my file explores.  Also, there doesn’t seem to be an interface application for any operating system I listed above that will allow me to interact with the drive.  The specs say it is compatible with Windows and Mac, but I can’t find any documentation on using it with either operating system.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Are your computers set up for wireless?

This feature is not going to be added until a future release. Currectly you can only connect to the WMD using a computer via the USB cable.

Is there and estimated time frame when Mac OS and Windows will be able to communicate with the WMD via wifi?


I’m also interested on this feature, to make the Drive to show up as a Connected Drive (Like \WMD or something like that)

I’m looking for a device that would allow me to do that…

This feature was added in the most recent update. Go to on the PC you have connected to the WMD.

I am trying to connect via computer both WinTel and MAC